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Remington Resources

Remington Resources

We're here to provide as many answers as possible during this uncertain time. Read through the resources listed below. If you don't see an answer to your question, send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

General Furlough Resources

Unemployment claims and filings vary by state. Please visit https://www.usa.gov/unemployment to get started.

General FAQ

Q: What does furlough mean?
A: Temporary leave of associates due to special needs of an employer which may be due to economic conditions. In other words, a furlough is basically a temporary unpaid leave.
Q: Will I be eligible for unemployment during my furlough?
A: Generally, you are eligible for unemployment insurance due to Lack of Work or Layoff. Contact your local Workforce Commission or visit https://www.usa.gov/unemployment to learn how to apply for these benefits.
Q: Isthere anything else within the company that I can do instead of being furloughed?
A: There are not any other positions available at this time.
Q: Will you be keeping in touch with me during the furloughed period?
A: We will provide you with periodic updates during this period. We ask that you provide the best contact information to reach you as hours become available once again. Please email contact updates to [email protected]
Q: Will you provide references if needed?
A: All references are provided through the Work Number:
P: 800-367-5690
Remington Employer Code: 25695
Q: Can I accept full time or temporary position with another company while I'm on furlough?
A: You may be able to work on temporary assignments during this period.
Q: What other resources are available to me until my benefits expire?
A: You are eligible for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) until the end of the month. The number for EAP is (888) 319-7819. Please refer to the handout for additional information.

Employee Self Service

The best way for us to reach out to you during the furlough period is with updated contact information. And now is a great time to make sure your information is correct. Follow the instructions attached here to register on ADP. You can also check your pay and benefits information here too.

Verification Letters

Many agencies, lenders, landlords, authorities, etc…, are requiring verification of impacted job status due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The following templates are available for download based on your need:
Essential Worker Letter
Furloughed Associate Verification

Military Veteran Resource

If you are a furloughed associate who is also a military veteran, you can find some additional assistance on the PENFED Foundation website.

Benefits Resources

Questions about benefits can be sent to [email protected]
Benefits payments can be made at www.payrembenefits.com

If you are continuing with your benefits, you are still able to access a number of other resources. See the flyers below for more information.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Flyer - Available to all associates and household members, EAP offers professional support and guidance for everyday life. 
  • Teledoc Flyer- Available only to Medical Plan Enrollees, Teledoc provides contact-less doctor visits from the comfort of your home.
  • Chaplain Flyer - Available to Corporate Associates only, Chaplains are available to provide and support the well-being of our associates, especially through challenging times.
  • HealthCheck 360 Resiliency Program - Available to all furlough and active associates, this program helps associates develop daily mindfulness practices that support mental well-being.

Transitions - If you have decided to discontinue your benefits during the furlough period, you may need some help transitioning to an alternate benefits plan. We have a group of advisors available to help you compare plans and decide on the one that best fits your needs right now. Click here to see more information.


With the recently signed CARES Act, associates who have participated in the 401k Plan may be eligible for coronavirus related distributions. For more information reach out to Fidelity at www.401k.com
or (800) 835-5097.
Don't forget about GoodRx!  It's available to anyone, so you don't have to be enrolled in our medical plan to take advantage of the program.  It's a free prescription coupons program that will help you pay less than the cash price for many prescriptions and it's accepted at virtually every U.S. pharmacy.  Find out more by downloading the GoodRx mobile app or visiting www.goodrx.com.