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A forward-thinking hotel management company, Remington Hotels is distinguished by its commitment to simply being the best, not the biggest, delivering hospitality, and creating value for every owner and customer, every time. Founded in 1968, Remington Hotels has always operated with an owner-centric mindset by delivering superior rooms margin and house profit. Its track record of market penetration growth demonstrates a unique understanding of the hotel business, in all phases of the economic cycle. Remington Hotels fosters an entrepreneurial management style and brings a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and high-touch hospitality.
Le Pavillon Hotel, New Orleans
Remington Hotels, Dallas Event Places
Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
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Remington Hotels
Remington Hotels
Embassy Suites Walnut Creek Repositioning of Remington Hotels

Embassy Suites Walnut Creek Repositioning

Embassy Suites Walnut Creek in northern California was fully renovated in 2018. The redesign focused on improving the multi-room guest suites and reinventing both the bar and dining room to draw more attention to the open floor plan lobby. The focus on elegance sets this renovation apart in order to create both a functional travel destination and a luxurious dining and entertaining venue.
Embassy Suites Manhattan Takeover of Remington Hotel

Embassy Suites Manhattan Takeover

Prior to Remington Hotels management, the 310 room Embassy Suites New York Manhattan Times Square had been open for just a year but had not fully realized its potential. Opened in January 2018 and taken over in January of the following year, the plan was to remix the hotel by being more strategic about group business to make availability for higher rated transient.
La Posada Resort & Spa conversion to Marriott Tribute Collection of Remington Hotels

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa Takeover

The takeover of La Posada was less about renovating the physical spaces as it was restructuring the day-to-day operations to maximize on what this incredible resort and spa has to offer. Through the conversion to Remington, RPI increased by more than 8%, and flow increased by more than 60% in the first six months.
At Remington Hotels, we strive to be the best management company, not the biggest. Remington combines size with customized individual service to our owners.
Sloan Dean (Chief Executive Officer)

A dynamic and growing hotel management company

Over the past 50 years, Remington Hotels has grown into a strong, industry-leading service provider and today manages 76 hotels in 24 states across 16 brands, including 12 independent and boutique properties. With nearly $1B in revenues currently under management, Remington Hotels has already seeded strategic investments to potentially double over the next five years.

A great place to work

Led by accessible and authentic leadership, Remington Hotels is a community of focused and passionate people driven by a collaborative spirit. Its high-performance culture, with clear goals and continual opportunities, offers a path to success. Remington Hotels' goal is to empower associates with best-in-class programs and partners that make it a great place to work.
Remington Hotels Leads The Industry Forward In Post Covid-19 Response Across All 87 Hotels

How the COVID-19 crisis could change independent hotels

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LinkedIn 11.18.20

Associate Spotlight: This week the light shines on Zach CunninghamPeta-Gay BarrettBarbu KesseeKatie Smith-Burleson, aPHR, and our teams at Pier House Resort and Spa and @La Concha Hotel & Spa, always exceeding expectations without hesitation. We are proud to work alongside you all. Remington Hotels #roomtothrive #hotellife #hospitality 

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LinkedIn 11.20.20

An inspiring message from Remington Hotels CEO, Sloan Dean.

"This Thanksgiving season, reach out to those closest to you and tell them "hang tough because the Turn is just around the bend."

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